Emerging Markets

How to unlock the next wave of returns

Sustained global trade, positive commodity price dynamics, and the phase of a soft dollar continue to be tailwinds for many Emerging Markets (EM). The EM vs DM (Developed Markets) output growth differential is expected to widen to 3.3% in 2020.

Investors should reassess the role of EM assets in a portfolio, develop a solid understanding of the macro backdrop for each country to identify the best investment themes, and further exploit how to play them.

Blue Paper - Short Version EM Brochure

Fund Solutions

Amundi Funds II - Emerging Markets Bond

The Fund offers investors the benefit of both our asset allocation and security selection skill set. We build this fund from a broad array of investment themes, focusing on our most compelling ideas.

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Amundi Funds Equity Emerging Focus

Seeking to capitalise on domestic growth in Emerging economies, thanks to consumer spending, corporate investment and government spending.2

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Amundi Funds Bond Global Emerging Blended

Seeking to benefit from yields offered by Emerging Market Debt (EMD) with a blended exposure to both EMD hedged currencies and EMD local currencies.

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The Fund offers a blend of short-term sovereign and corporate bonds. With a short duration, this approach seeks to generate performance in a rising rate environment. 

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Amundi Funds II – Emerging Markets Bond Local Currencies

With many high quality EM Sovereigns shifting issuance into local currency, we aim for risk efficient participation. The fund seeks relative-value in dissonance between economic performance and economic policies.

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