Amundi wins the PRI Award, Real World Impact Initiative of the Year

Thursday 12 September 2019

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Amundi wins the PRI Award, Real World Impact Initiative of the Year


Amundi has won the the PRI Award, Real World Impact Initiative of the Year for its fund Amundi Planet Emerging Green One.

PRI in Person 2019 is an event dedicated to promoting responsible investment, hosted by the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI).  The event took place in Paris at the Palais des Congrès from 10 to 12 September 2019 and brought together more than 1,700 participants from all over the world such as asset owners, investment managers, service providers, companies, NGOs and academics.

The PRI Awards were held during the Opening Ceremony on September 10th. Amundi is very proud to have received the award Real World Impact Initiative of the Year for its green bond fund Amundi Planet Emerging Green One. The nominees were selected among many candidates by an independent jury composed of professionals from institutions such as CFA institute, UN Global Compact, UNEP, FI, LSE, UC Davis, consultants and NGOs.

Amundi Planet Emerging Green One Fund is the largest green bond fund invested in emerging markets with more than $1.42 of AuM. Launched by Amundi in 2018 in partnership with IFC and the support of large European institutional investors, this fund is complemented by a technical assistance program to support green bond issuances. Its first impact report has been published in April 2019.

In addition, the PRI awarded three other prizes, including the “Active Ownership of the Year PRI Award”, which was won by the Plateform Living Wage Financials Initiative. This coalition, which was formed in the Netherlands and which Amundi has been the first European asset manager to join in January 2019, engages with players from the retail sector to improve wage practices and preserve human rights throughout the sector’s supply chain.

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