Blue Convictions - SPECIAL COVID-19 ep#4 - Some light in the fixed income space

Wednesday 01 April 2020

Podcast, Research / Market

Volatility will remain for a while in the equity and fixed income worlds. However, thanks to the action and coordination of central banks, massive debt issuance in Europe and in the US eased trading for both buying and selling sides. The Covid-19 crisis led to sector and rating fragmentations and liquidity management is the top priority concern. This new episode of Blue Convictions special Covid-19 series highlights the key elements to monitor in the fixed income field, especially in Europe, with Eric Brard, Head of Alpha Fixed Income, as a guest speaker. Do potential opportunities exist in the € credit market? What are the latest news about Coronabonds and TLTRO channels? Alongside M. Brard, Monica Defend, Global Head of Research gives her answers. As usual, both experts are interviewed by Jean-Jacques Barberis, Head of Institutional and Corporate clients coverage.

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