A risk-oriented allocation

For a long time, traditional equity investing has aimed at generating returns rather than managing risk. But in recent years institutional investors have started to change their attitude: mitigating risk is now more important than maximizing returns. The regulatory environment also leads to narrow capital requirement - and therefore the involved risks - without deteriorating performance.

Investors are thus increasingly wishing to conceive their allocation in terms of risks, rather than by country or sector.

To properly manage multi-dimensional risks, only a scientific and disciplined portfolio construction process can  enhance  diversification for better long-term performance.

Expert Talk

At Amundi, we are convinced that it is necessary to focus on risk management to generate a strong performance over the long term.

Bruno Taillardat , Global head of Smart Beta & Factor Investing, Amundi

A holistic approach to Smart Beta

The question is no longer why Smart Beta, but how to embrace it. Amundi mobilized the best of its resources (management teams, Research, Analysts, etc.) to identify, define and accompany the implementation of the Smart Beta strategy that fits the most the objectives and constraints of each investor.

Within product offering investors can find the :

  • Risk-Efficient Solutions│To avoid unrewarded risk premia
  • Factor Investing Solutions│To make the most of risk premia

Building tailor–made Smart Beta & Factor Investing solutions

In addition to open-ended funds, we can also provide investors with added-value services, to analyze their portfolios identify factor or risk biases that may affect negatively their performance. They can also benefit from our ability to build customized Smart Beta investment solutions, taking into account additional constraints such as ESG, Low Carbon, exclusions in terms of sectors or countries.