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Amundi introduces a new value proposition to support the development of green financial markets 

The European Union has set ambitious objectives aiming to cut greenhouse gas emissions and enable the transition to a highly efficient low-carbon economy. Reaching these objectives requires expanding green financing to other debt segments, lagging behind potential: high-yield, securitized credit and private debt. These asset classes hold potential to finance highly impactful projects and players across Europe, a prerequisite to reaching the EU objectives. 
The Green Credit Continuum is an investment strategy developed by Amundi combining impact, yield and diversification. It offers investors exposure to these nascent asset classes, via an innovative public-private partnership with the European Investment Bank (EIB), with a €1bn program.

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The Green Credit Continuum Program

The program rests on three pillars:

01 | A credit continuum strategy

combining impact, yield and diversification. The Fund invests in green bonds, green private debt and green securitized credit across Europe to support green projects. 



Past performance does not prejudge future results, nor is it a guarantee of future returns.

02 | A scientific committee

composed of climate finance experts. The objective of this committee is to define guidelines per green debt segment & underlying green assets, in line with European Union’s climate objectives.

03 | A green transaction network

to produce green assets. The Network’s overarching objective is to bring to the market, from scratch if necessary, green debt instruments that meet the Fund’s financial criteria, but also extra-financial criteria in terms of ESG metrics and positive environmental impact, as defined in the ESG Charter.

A comprehensive ESG framework aligned with EU objectives

Until 2050, Europe needs €270 bn investments to reach an efficient “green” economy. Green bonds have successfully developed to channel funds to this “green” transition, but remain circumscribed to investment-grade issuers. Thus, there is a need to expand green financing to other debt segments, to finance highly impactful projects and players across Europe.

Hence, the Green credit continuum program will enable to both developing new segments of the green fixed income space in Europe and establishing then disseminating green standards for these new segments.

In order to maximize impact and support green debt market integrity, a bespoke ESG framework set up to make sure the program remains fully aligned with the EU climate objectives:


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Past performance is not indicative of future returns.