Europe's Renaissance

Europe is making a comeback

Europe  is making a comeback 

Economic activity is gaining momentum, leading to lower unemployment levels and a more positive outlook. European stock should benefit from this uptick in the market trends and we expect to see increased sales and earnings growth.

Resurgence in Europe

Today’s market environment is supportive for European Equities, as the  economic landscape improves, political risks decrease and, with meaningful earnings growth coming through, valuations are justified.

How to take advantage of Europe's renaissance

At Amundi, we can offer our clients 4 robust and recognized investment solutions to take advantage of a rising European

Amundi Funds – Equity Europe Conservative

A European equity exposure with a lower volatility to limit the downward trends

  • Search for volatility minimization
  • A broad & diversified portfolio
  • Asymmetrical return profile

Pioneer Funds – European Equity Value

A concentrated approach seeking quality in value investing

  • High conviction portfolio, Equal weight approach
  • Disciplined ‘Margin of Safety’ approach to investing
  • Bottom-up and disciplined security analysis to avoid unintended risk-taking

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Pioneer Funds – European Equity Target Income

Can provide significant levels of income in a low yield environment

  • High Dividend stock selection
  • Additional income stream through covered option-writing
  • Consistent and recurrent Income

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Pioneer Funds – Euroland Equity

Primary focus on Eurozone, generating alpha from core and opportunistic holdings

  • Core portfolio focused on highest quality names
  • Opportunistic holding allowing flexibility to take advantage of shorter term opportunities
  • Using risk efficiently to deliver strong risk-adjusted returns