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Over the past 15 years cash has exposed investors to long-term losses due to low interest rates and inflation risk.

Diversify your savings through our broad selection of investment solutions.**

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Why do we save?

Savings facilitate the important things in our lives:

Going on adventures

Putting the kids through school


Did you know?

Cash has a few perceived qualities that investors are commonly drawn to, such as accessibility and safety. European households hold €7.2 Trillion1 in cash and low-interest savings accounts. However cash delivers no real returns.

1.Source: Bloomberg. Equities = MSCI Europe, Corporate Bonds = Bloomberg Barclays Pan-European Aggregate Credit TR , Government Bonds = Bloomberg Barclays Pan-European Aggregate Credit TR EuroAgg Government Bond, Cash is Euribor 3 month. Real Return calculated as the extra return above inflation. All indexes are total return in Euro non hedged. Data from Sept 2003 to Sept 2018.

It's time to step out of cash!

Take the first steps - Understand the potential benefits of investing:

Broad selection 

Broad selection of solutions for a range of different risk profiles which seek higher returns than cash over the the long term 


Ability to redeem your investment at any time at its fair market value


Solutions with stated performance targets so investors know what we are seeking to achieve

What's the alternative?

Amundi offers a broad selection of solutions depending on your risk profile.** Explore our solutions:

  • Absolute returns mean we seek to achieve stable returns in all market conditions
  • Multi Strategy means we can navigate a broad and diverse investment universe 
  • 4 investment categories that have guided us in generating returns 
  • Strong track record
  • Strong risk focus – Multiple layers of risk management at each step of the process
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For more information, please refer to the  Prospectus  and  KIID

  • A simple “hands-off” first step into fixed income markets
  • Open-ended fund with a prescribed subscription period and a 4 YR maturity date
  • Offers an income objective for a defined maturity with a target annual coupon (distributing share class)
  • Invests in a well-diversified bond portfolio selected and managed by active credit specialists. 

*No.1 European asset manager based on global assets under management (AUM) and the main headquarters being based in Europe – Source IPE “Top 400 asset managers” published in June 2017 and based on AUM as at December 2016. **Contact your financial adviser to learn more about Amundi solutions.