Amundi Funds

Please find below a table of funds, sub-funds, classes and categories of authorised shares or units.

Investors who access this page by using the internet link provided in the current prospectus may obtain here information on funds, sub-funds and classes or categories of shares/units in accordance with the registrations in the selected country. Please consider this information in conjunction with the provisions of the current prospectus.

Please find below information relevant for Luxembourg, which is also the domicile of the funds included in the table. Investors outside of Luxembourg, please select your country of residence from the tab at the top right corner of this page. By doing so, you will be accessing information relevant for classes of shares/units available in your country of residence.

NAV Daily Prices

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Shareholder / Unitholder Notices

Shareholder and Unitholder Notices are available on the Amundi legal documentation page

As from 30th July 2017, the share class is closed to new investor. New Investors are shareholders that were not in the shareholder register of the share class prior to 30th July 2017. Investors who are on the shareholder register of the share class prior to 30th July 2017  can continue to make additional investments in the share class until 30th July 2018.