Buy and Watch - A One Step Solution

Today’s ever-changing markets are making it difficult for investors to choose the right investment solution to help reach their financial goals and strike an optimal balance between risk and return.

Choosing a Buy & Watch solution is one step you could take to boost your return potential and offer a new alternative to cash.  


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Invest today to plan for tomorrow

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Why a Buy and Watch Approach

Low-interest rates and increased inflation have created a volatile and uncertain market environment

Increased Volatility 

Increased Inflation 

 Low Interest Rates 

Anxious Sentiment 

In response to this challenging environment, Amundi has launched Amundi Fund Solutions - Buy and Watch Optimal Yield Bond 04/2026, a “simple-hands off” solution to keep your investments on track.

Amundi's Buy and Watch Solution

Amundi has launched Amundi Fund Solutions – Buy and Watch Optimal Yield Bond 04/2026, a simple, one-step investment solution for investors seeking shelter from volatile and unpredictable markets. It has a pre-defined target maturity date. Here are some characteristics of the fund.

Annual Coupon

6 YR Investment
An open-ended fund with a
prescribed subscription 
period and a 6 YR 
maturity date

Income Objective*

A well-diversified 
portfolio managed by 
active Portfolio 

*Returns are not guaranteed and a loss of the capital invested may occur.

How does a Buy and Watch Solution work?

The life cycle of Amundi's Buy and Watch Solution is determined by its 8-week subscription period or Initial Public Offering (IPO). At the end of the IPO the fund will be launched and no further subscriptions are allowed. At maturity date, the fund will be liquidated in accordance with standard industry practice.

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