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Home Buy and Watch Buy and Watch - A One Step Solution Today’s ever-changing markets are making it difficult for investors to choose the right investment solution to help reach their financial goals and strike an optimal balance between risk and return.Choosing a Buy & Watch solution is one step you could take to boost your return potential.     Contact Us  Invest today to plan for tomorrow Investing can make the important things in our lives possible  Going on adventures Putting the kids through school Retirement Amundi's Buy and Watch Solution Amundi has launched Amundi Fund Solutions – Buy and Watch High Income Bond 08/2025, a simple, one-step investment solution for investors seeking shelter from volatile and unpredictable markets. It has a pre-defined target maturity date. Here are some characteristics of the fund. Annual Coupon 5 YR InvestmentHorizonAn open-ended fund with aprescribed subscription period and a 5 YR maturity date Income Objective*A well-diversified portfolio managed by active Portfolio Managers*Returns are not guaranteed and a loss of the capital invested may occur. How does a Buy and Watch Solution work? The life cycle of Amundi Fund Solutions - Buy and Watch High Income Bond 08/2025 is determined by its 8-week subscription period or Initial Public Offering (IPO). At the end of the IPO the fund will be launched and no further subscriptions are allowed. At maturity date, the fund will be liquidated in accordance with standard industry practice.For illustrative purposes Subscribe to a Buy and Watch Solution Today Access our tailor-made and expertly designed, Buy and Watch Solution, to help your money stay on course through difficult markets. To subscribe today and for more information on Amundi Fund Solutions – Buy and Watch High Income Bond 08/2025 please contact your advisor today. Contact your advisor today  Buy and Watch Buy and Watch Buy and Watch Amundi Fund Solutions – Buy and Watch Income 05/2025

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Home Investment opportunities Step out of cash Step out of Cash Over the past 15 years cash has exposed investors to long-term losses due to low interest rates and inflation risk.Diversify your savings through our broad selection of investment solutions.** Discover our solutions Why do we save? Savings facilitate the important things in our lives: Going on adventures Putting the kids through school Retirement Did you know? Cash has a few perceived qualities that investors are commonly drawn to, such as accessibility and safety. European households hold €7.2 Trillion1 in cash and low-interest savings accounts. However cash delivers no real returns.1.Source: Bloomberg. Equities = MSCI Europe, Corporate Bonds = Bloomberg Barclays Pan-European Aggregate Credit TR , Government Bonds = Bloomberg Barclays Pan-European Aggregate Credit TR EuroAgg Government Bond, Cash is Euribor 3 month. Real Return calculated as the extra return above inflation. All indexes are total return in Euro non hedged. Data from Sept 2003 to Sept 2018. It's time to step out of cash! Take the first steps - Understand the potential benefits of investing: Broad selection Broad selection of solutions for a range of different risk profiles which seek higher returns than cash over the the long term  Liquidity Ability to redeem your investment at any time at its fair market value PredictabilitySolutions with stated performance targets so investors know what we are seeking to achieve What's the alternative? Amundi offers a broad selection of solutions depending on your risk profile.** Explore our solutions: Amundi Funds - Absolute Return Multi-Strategy Amundi Buy and Watch Solutions Amundi Funds Protect 90 Absolute returns mean we seek to achieve stable returns in all market conditionsMulti Strategy means we can navigate a broad and diverse investment universe 4 investment categories that have guided us in generating returns Strong track recordStrong risk focus – Multiple layers of risk management at each step of the process More about the fund For more information, please refer to the  Prospectus  and  KIID A simple “hands-off” first step into fixed income marketsOpen-ended fund with a prescribed subscription period and a 5YR maturity dateOffers an income objective for a defined maturity with a target annual coupon (distributing share class)Invests in a well-diversified bond portfolio selected and managed by active credit specialists.  Read More  Participate in the potential rise of the markets while benefiting from partial and permanent1capital protectionOffers a partial protection equal to 90% of the highest net asset value recorded since the fund’s inception2Flexible and active asset management with a constant risk monitoringDynamic portfolio composition searching for the optimal diversification More about the fund  For more information, please refer to the  Prospectus  and  KIID  1. Amundi Funds Protect 90 does not provide a performance guarantee2. Please see the Prospectus for full details on the Protection feature *No.1 European asset manager based on global assets under management (AUM) and the main headquarters being based in Europe – Source IPE “Top 400 asset managers” published in June 2017 and based on AUM as at December 2016. **Contact your financial adviser to learn more about Amundi solutions. Step out of cash Step out of cash Step out of cash Step out of cash

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Video - ESG - Amundi Real Estate Amundi Retail

Video - ESG - Amundi Real Estate Video - ESG - Amundi Real Estate Video - ESG - Amundi Real Estate

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Home Regulatory information Amundi Funds' Shareholder Notices Amundi Funds' Shareholder Notices Shareholder Notices year2020countryUnited Arab EmiratesAustriaBelgiumBulgariaSwitzerlandChileCyprusCzech RepublicGermanyDenmarkSpainFinlandFranceUnited KingdomGreeceHong KongHungaryIrelandItalyLuxembourgNetherlandsNorwayPortugalROMSingaporeSlovakiaSloveniaSwedenTaiwan Amundi Funds' Shareholder Notices Regulatory Information Regulatory Information

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Liquidity Ratio Amundi Money Market Fund - Short term: daily liquidity ratio for USD and GBP sub-fund Money Market Fund Money Market Fund Liquidity Ratios for Money Market Funds

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Home Investment opportunities Responsible Investing Yes, We Can Make a Difference Together Video 1:52 min - Our ESG Integration SolutionsThe act of investing for our futures implies we have hopes and aspirations. But what does that future look like? Shouldn’t investing in a better tomorrow be of equal importance?No one person or entity can halt the climate emergency, control how technology is redefining our lives, or manage shifting geopolitical landscapes. But together we are greater than the sum of our parts. Together we can make a difference with Responsible Investing. Responsible Investing (RI) is a cornerstone of our business at Amundi.  Our Solutions  Amundi: Committed to Fostering Change and Delivering Returns Our 2021 ambition underscores our commitment as both a responsible actor and a responsible enabler. Thanks to our size and voting rights, we aim to foster meaningful changes for good in the environment and society as whole.  We strive to:Enable clients to get a responsible return on investmentsInfluence companies for meaningful change Apply ESG practises to100% of our funds by 2021 * Information by Amundi Asset Management, a French ‘Société par actions simplifiées’ or SAS, with share capital of € 1,086,262,605 and approved by the French Financial Markets Regulator (Autorité des Marchés Financiers-AMF) under number GP 04000036 as a portfolio management company, 90 boulevard Pasteur - 75015 Paris-France - 437 574 452 RCS Paris.*Details validated as of September 2019  How Do We Invest Responsibly? Many approaches are now available to us under the heading of responsible investing providing multiple strategies for all types of our investors whether they are motived by values or economics.Here they are explained in more detail:  Find out moreRead Amundi’s Responsible Investing Policy Browse our ESG library of topical research papers, reports, and solutions brochures.  Responsible Investing is a Source of Added Value Spotlight on ESG: Why we Use the “Best in Class” StrategyThere are many different frameworks in which portfolio managers can combine or integrate responsible investing into their portfolios. We choose ESG integration where we seek investments with strong Environmental, Social and Governance commitments.ESG indicates the non-financial criteria that measure environmental impact (E), respect for social values (S) and aspects of good management (G). Since its creation, Amundi has adopted ESG criteria, which complement traditional financial parameters.Amundi is committed to going even further, to becoming a 100% ESG company by 2021, in terms of rating, management, and voting policy.It is all explained in this helpful guide to Amundi's Sustainable Approach . Environment, Social, Governance EAnalyzing a company through the lens of the "E" ("Environment") criteria means largely concentrating on the impact of its activities and corporate policies on the environment at a global and local level.  The various considerations include the company's direct impact on the surrounding environment through its waste management policy and the use of the region's resources. The company's commitment to reporting and disclosing its environmental practices are also examined. SAnalyzing a company using the "S" ("Social") criteria means focusing on the company's capacity to respond to social issues, adopting corporate practices based on transparency, ethics, respect for its employees and civil society. The assessment is related to issues such as reputation, gender policies,  labour standards and relations with the civil community. The role of companies in promoting their social and environmental impact is also examined. GAnalyzing a company using the "G" ("Governance") criteria means concentrating on corporate governance practices, i.e. manager remuneration policies, the composition of the Board of Directors, control procedures, company conduct in terms of compliance with the law and the code of ethics.The assessment relates to issues such as the independence of the Board of Directors, the fight against corruption, shareholders' rights, risk management, and the tax policies adopted. Our Solutions  Investing Today for a Better TomorrowWe believe that Responsible Investing does not have to come at the cost of performance. Our approach is to not only seek good quality companies with strong financial or fundamental factors i.e. strong balance sheets, attractive valuations, etc. but also those whose non-financial factors can improve returns in the long run i.e. seeking a positive impact of the company’s business practices on the environment or society.Multi-Asset Sustainable Future is a conservative ESG portfolio aiming to deliver sustainable and attractive returns through an active multi-asset approach. Find Out More Amundi Funds Global Ecology ESG Amundi Responsible Investing Impact Green Bond CPR Invest Education CPR Invest Food for Generations CPR Invest - Climate Action Amundi Funds Global Ecology ESGSeeking sustainable businesses that meet the needs of today's generation, without compromising the next. Find Out More *Diversification does not assume a profit or protect against a loss Amundi Impact Green Bonds invests exclusively in green bonds, which finance projects with a positive impact on the environment, making energy transition financing a reality. Find Out More The Good Equation to Combine Return Potential with ResponsibilityThe Fund invests in a complete ecosystem covering the timeline of education with a sustainable approach See Fund Details CPR Invest Food for GenerationsInvesting from farms to forks with a sustainable approachA sustainable approach to contribute to the challenge of feeding the world's population. See Fund Details CPR Invest - Climate ActionCPR Climate Action invests in international equities committed to limiting impact of climate change in line with the United Nations’ 13th Sustainable Development Goal. The fund seeks to outperform global equity markets over a long-term period while integrating strong responsible investment guidelines. Find Out More Responsible Investing Responsible Investing Responsible Investing Responsible Investing

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Global Investment Views - May 2019   Amundi Retail

CIO views: High conviction ideas from Amundi Global Investment Committee.

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Cross Asset Investment Strategy - June 2019   Amundi Retail

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Global Investment Views - September 2019   Amundi Retail

CIO views: High conviction ideas from Amundi Global Investment Committee.

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Greening Fixed Income markets: a challenge of today and tomorrow   Amundi Retail

Policymakers continue to implement comprehensive strategies to fostering sustainable finance. Most notably, in March 2018, the European Commission adopted its action plan resting on three pillars: (i) re-orienting capital flows towards sustainable investments; (ii) managing financial risks stemming from climate change; and (iii) fostering transparency and long-termism in financial activities.