Aiming to benefit from the sweet spot of the US equity market 

Amundi Funds Wells Fargo US Mid Cap invests mainly in medium capitalisation equities in the United States with a rigorous value approach and a defensive bias.

The sub-fund does not offer any performance or capital guarantee.

Risk level
Lower risk Higher risk
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Typically lower reward Typically higher reward

An attractive US asset class with long term structural benefits

  • A real US focus asset class: US Midcap companies have 80% of their income from the US1
  • An attractive asset class in the sweet spot of the US equity market, with more upside potential than US large cap and greater downside protection than US small caps
  • Midcap equities have outperformed large cap equities on both an absolute and risk-adjusted basis, historically and have done so with incredible consistency1


1.Past market trends are not indicative of future market behaviour

Midcap lives in the sweet spot of company’s life cycle

Potentially more benefits

More upside potential (able to « control their own destiny ») compared to large caps thanks to a good runway to move the « value creation needle »

Potentially less risks

Less fundamental risk than small cap, thanks to:

  • A balance sheet safety
  • Product/service diversification

Amundi & Wells Fargo Asset Management

  • Unique co-branded mutual fund initiative between 2 financial powerhouses
  • Two complementary business models
  • Global exclusivity with Amundi

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Past performance is not indicative of future returns.