Responsible Investing

Amundi is committed to promote responsible finance by proposing innovative and solid solutions to answer investors expectations in terms of sustainable development.

Key points about Responsible Investing 

Act for a better world by supporting companies that are committed for sustainable development. 

Integrate Environmental, Social and Governance criteria into investing decisions. 

Invest with a long-term view and report on completed commitments. 

Responsible Investing is a founding pillar of Amundi. We are convinced that this approach is the best way to generate optimal returns over the long-term.

Our philosophy is to encourage companies to improve their responsible practices in terms of the environment, social and governance. We want to contribute positively in the future of our society in line with our clients’ expectations.

Amundi is a key player on the financial markets and we have a wide range of investments solutions, from the traditional to the innovative ones, in all asset classes.

A leader in Responsible Investing 


worldwide player in responsible investing.


billions euros of responsible assets under management.


dedicated specialists and labelled funds in many countries. 

1. Source Amundi - as of September 30th, 2018 

We mainly focus on two approaches:

1.Encourage companies with the best responsible practices today to obtain accurate management decisions. Amundi has developed a unique and recognized approach in terms of responsible analysis, certified by AFNOR.

Afnor Certification

2.Make our voice heard in general meetings by supporting responsible initiatives in our votes. As proof of our commitment, we participated in 2540 meetings in 2017, with 32443 resolutions that have been voted (source Amundi).