Rides on the recovery of Japan by investing at least two thirds of its total assets in Japanese equities.

The fund uses a value stock picking approach to identify undervalued companies with improving firm values in order to achieve outperformance1.

1 For further details regarding the investment policy, please refer to the prospectus of Amundi Funds and the relevant Product Highlight Sheet (PHS).

Risk level
Lower risk Higher risk
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  • 7
Typically lower reward Typically higher reward

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CPR Invest - Global Disruptive Opportunities

CPR Invest Global Disruptive Opportunities aims to outperform global equity markets over the long-term i.e. 5 years minimum - by investing in shares of companies which either establish or benefit - fully or partly - from disruptive business models. Compartment invests in disruptive companies in all countries (including emerging markets) and in all economic sectors without constraint relative to an index.

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