Optimize your investment portfolio with diversified funds

Diversified investment management splits your total investment across several asset classes according to the risk and expected return of each asset class. Your portfolio is reviewed periodically in line with our managers’ assessment of potential market changes.

Diversification working for you

Diversification across asset classes and geographical regions helps manage risk. With diversified investment management, the portfolio manager will allocate investments between several asset classes, different sectors and geographical areas. This allocation is balanced according to the investment risk of each asset class and the interaction between them.

What we offer

You can choose between two solutions:

  • A range of funds with different risk profiles. You select the fund that best suits your needs in relation to the level of risk you want to take and how long you want to invest for.
  • Personalised asset allocation: discretionary management or advisory management.

Key points of diversified investment management

Easily diversify your investments across various financial markets

Fund choices that match your investment horizon

Manage the return on your investment in line with your risk profile

This strategy has risks associated with different underlying financial instruments.

Amundi's award-winning diversified investment management strategy

  • Trophée d'Argent 2014 for best range of diversified funds over 3 years, Bank Network category (Crédit du Nord), awarded by Le Revenu
  • Trophée de Bronze 2014 for best range of diversified funds over 3 years, Bank Network category (Société Générale), awarded by Le Revenu
  • Actifs d'Or de la Distribution 2014 awarded by L'AGEFI for Amundi’s Heritage funds, Diversified Funds Network category.

Past performance is not a guide to future performance.