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To meet your need for investment security, Amundi offers a wide range of investments that protect your capital1, including formula funds and bonds.

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The ongoing financial crisis and the fall in interest rates have shaken savers who are now not always willing to take an uncontrolled risk with their capital over a five-year or more investment period.

In response, we offer a range of investment solutions for savers who are keen to limit their investment risk by diversifying their wealth.

We guarantee that savers will get back all the capital they invest (less the subscription fees) when they invest in a guaranteed fund, or at least part of their capital if they invest in a partially guaranteed fund, so long as they stay invested until the investment matures.

Protect your capital over time with a guaranteed fund.

Our expertise - key points

Established asset manager in this market since the 1990’s

Innovative product development to adapt to market conditions

In-house department dedicated to this range of products

Funds that guarantee or protect capital at maturity

Our guaranteed or unconditionally protected mutual funds (Fonds Communs de Placement (FCP)) allow savers to benefit from any potential performance in the long-term financial markets in addition to receiving back their original capital after the agreed term.

Our product range is constructed from diversified funds and formula funds that have an added guarantee or partial protection element on the original capital. This capital protection or guarantee is paid for in part by the fund’s performance. We offer various financial packages, including formula funds, funds of funds etc.

These products are adapted to local regulatory and fiscal constraints, particularly in Europe and in Asia.

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asset manager in Europe for structured funds2


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market share in France on guaranteed fund AUM4

1. The capital protection, according to the funds, may be subjected to the condition of a minimal performance. Therefore, without this minimal performance, you might face a capital loss equal to the whole decrease.

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