Invest in French SMEs with Amundi Private Equity Funds

Amundi Private Equity Funds support the growth of French SMEs with capital investment. By investing in one of our Private Equity Funds, you too can contribute to the development of French business.

Why invest in private equity funds?

Capital development and capital transfer solutions

Diversifying your portfolio to include private equity funds can give you access to companies that are not quoted on the stock exchange. At Amundi, we offer capital development funds,* that help companies launch new products, improve production capacity, acquire a competitor etc.; and, capital transfer funds* that support companies reorganizing shareholdings, or going through a company transfer or management buy-out.

* Our funds imply a risk of capital loss and do not offer any guarantee of performance or capital security.

Providing access to a wide range of French SMEs

Companies targeted and selected by Amundi Private Equity Funds

With many years of experience, our management team have built up a business network that gives them access to more than 400 investment opportunities each year. Each opportunity is studied in detail and from these we select the companies whose growth will positively contribute to the funds’ portfolios.

Our fund managers choose SMEs offering strong potential with a proven business model and a quality management team. They then negotiate the funds required for their capital.

Each SME is subject to a rigorous selection process with only about 3% of the studied companies taken on.

Each selected company is supported afterwards by a member of the management team, who takes an active role in the business where they put their experience to good use as a member of the supervisory board or ad hoc committees.

Key points about our Private Equity Funds

4.9 billion euros under management1

Active shareholder of more than 250 SMEs1

A dedicated team of 30, each with more than 10 years of experience1

Private equity in figures


investment projects supported through our business network1


SMEs in the portfolio, of which 2/3 have a global dimension1

Only 3%

of SMEs studied are taken on each year: rigorous selection process1

Capital development and capital transfer funds for private banking clients

FCPR (Fonds Commun de Placement à Risques) Mutual Funds

These funds aim for high performance with the objective of a net internal profitability rate of more than 10% after 10 years.

These investment vehicles aim to finance SMEs to help them reach ETI (middle-market company) status. Minimum investment is 10,000 euros and the funds are closed for ten years. Taxation is often advantageous, (exempt from tax on income and capital gains earned by the fund) depending on the investor’s individual situation, and subject to a commitment to keep the shares for five years.

“PME ISF 2014” mandate

The management mandate PME ISF is a solution that allows investors to take part in the financing of unquoted French SMEs, whilst benefiting, under certain conditions, from a cut in their solidarity tax on wealth (ISF).

The management team in charge of selecting the eligible SMEs choose SMEs in growing markets that have a sound profitability track record.

FIP (Fonds d'Investissement de Proximité) Proximity investment fund

This fund aims to finance regional SMEs.

The minimum investment is 1,000 euros and the funds are closed for 8 to 10 years. Taxation is often advantageous, (exempt from tax on income or ISF tax and capital gains earned by the fund) depending on the investor’s individual situation, and subject to a commitment to keep the shares for five years.

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1. Source: Amundi Private Equity Funds as at 31 December 2014. This data will change over time.