Amundi S.F.

Table of funds, sub-funds, classes and categories of authorized shareor units

Investors who access this page by using the internet link provided in the prospectus in force have the possibility to find information related to the funds, sub-funds, classes and categories of shares authorized according to the selected country. This information is to be considered together and in addition to the provisions of the aforementioned prospectus.

This page is hosted on the part of the website dedicated to Luxembourg which is the country of establishment of the investment funds presented in the below table. Any investor located in a country other than Luxembourg is invited to consider only the table available from this web page and to seek any other information after selecting the corresponding country from the tab at the top right of this page.

Shareholder and Unitholder Notices are available on  Shareholder Notices page

Please read the note below before accessing the data.

I note and acknowledge the following:

     - that the investment manager will make tax data available to investors via the mentioned KPMG website, and

     - that I am responsible for extracting such data from this website and making appropriate use of it. In particular, I understand that it is my responsibility to complete and file all relevant forms

The attached tables provide tax information to investors, setting out the income per unit and expenses per unit on a cumulative basis for the fund and reporting period in question. Investors can use these tables to compute their share of the fund's income and expenses for the reporting period, by applying the per unit information to their own unit holdings for the relevant period of ownership.

All UK tax reportings for Luxembourg domiciled Amundi S.F. share classes are available at the following address: