Just published! Amundi 2020 Engagement Report

Wednesday 12 May 2021

ESG, News


Amundi released its 2020 Engagement Report, outlining its continuous dialogue with companies and its willingness to push Responsible Investment issues forward in society. Engagement with issuers is key to fostering concrete changes and contribute effectively to the transition towards an inclusive and sustainable low carbon economy.

Among the priority engagement topics, Amundi considers it important to be particularly vigilant on two major contemporary challenges:
the energy transition (including the protection of ecosystems),
- and the question of social and societal cohesion.
Both of these topics represent systemic risks for companies and Amundi aims to support companies in improving their policies and practices around these themes.

Beyond the two key themes of energy transition and social cohesion Amundi conducted 1,411 engagements with issuers across 6 main areas:

  • The transition towards a low carbon economy,
  • The natural capital preservation (ecosystem protection & fight against biodiversity loss),
  • The social cohesion through the protection of direct & indirect employees and the promotion of human rights,
  • Client, product & societal responsibilities,
  • Strong governance practices that strengthen sustainable development,
  • Dialogue to foster a stronger voting exercise and a sounder corporate governance.

Highlights of the 2020 engagement include our ongoing engagement work around the Science Based Targets initiative as well as engagement linked to our coal exclusion policy.

In 2020, Amundi also conducted thematic engagements on key emerging themes such as circular economy (a major engagement campaign spanning 4 sectors) and the just transition.

Amundi has also taken an active role in numerous collaborative engagements. In 2020, Amundi helped launch the 30% Club France, a French investor group that aims to support gender diversity in top management of the SBF 120 and Amundi continued work with the Platform Living Wage Financials which did particular work in 2020 to address the impacts of Covid-19 in garment supply chains.


Consult the Engagement Report for more details