Multi-Asset strategies

Amundi offers a comprehensive range of Multi-Asset Strategies, from Allocation Driven to Outcome Oriented strategies aiming to shape and meet our clients’ evolving needs and constraints.

Responsible Investing is in Amundi’s DNA, hence ESG is fully embedded within our Multi-asset process. Our Multi-Asset strategies are  either Mainstream ESG strategies complying with Amundi’s ESG policy or, Responsible Investing strategies relying on a specific ESG investment framework.

Amundi's Multi-Asset strategies



Allocation Driven Strategies

Investors have different investment objectives and different views on the amount of risk they are willing to take in achieving them. Amundi’s teams built a range of portfolios that aims to maximise return for a chosen level of risk.

  • Conservative - Low volatility strategy with active management of fixed income risks through dynamic asset allocation, including a limited participation in equities (typically <35%)
  • Moderate - Moderate volatility strategy with active management of market risks through dynamic asset allocation and a moderate allocation to equities (35-65% typically)
  • Growth - Unconstrained investment approach seeking to deliver equity-like returns, with a dynamic allocation process across a diversified range of asset class , with a strong participation in equity markets (typically >65%)
  • Flexible – Unconstrained investment approach with active and flexible allocation across a wide and diversified universe with Equity allocation varying from 0 to 100%. 
  • Factor Investing – allocating dynamically across assets and factors, seeking to capture long-term growth avoiding traditional benchmark bias.



Outcome Oriented

There is an increasing recognition that outcomes matter more to investors than performance versus a particular index or benchmark. Addressing Amundi’s clients long-term goals is possible thanks to these portfolios:

  • Absolute Return, aiming to deliver positive returns regardless of market directions.
  • Income, seeking to provide an attractive income potential higher than traditional bond sectors with lower volatility. 
  • Real Return, seeking to achieve a positive real return across Inflation cycle in the Eurozone. 
  • Target Risk, aiming to protect permanently (fully or partially) capital, through an active and flexible management with an explicit risk target. 
  • Risk Premia: extending the opportunity-set to alternative risk premia, harvesting long term market drivers through a liquid and transparent framework.

Our Multi-Asset Responsible Investing strategies can be either based on a  global sustainable approach, also known as “Multi-Criteria Approach” or focusing on specific sustainable themes such as social impact and  environment.

Multi-Criteria Approaches

  • Sustainable strategies

More than 30 years of track-record in managing portfolios based on a high ESG integration, also targeting improved environmental footprint and sustainability profile.

- These strategies offer truly diversified investment solutions across asset classes, through different risk profiles while exhibiting a real exposure to growing trends relying on the environmental and social challenges.

- Our long-term track records exhibit high ratings in terms of performance generation and sustainability profile, buttressing that ESG integration never comes at the cost of performance in our investment approach.

Sustainability themed Approaches

  • Social Impact strategy

An impact investing strategy aiming to deliver measurable impact on social and environmental themes such as Health, Housing, Employment and Sustainable Agriculture, through investments in a selection of non-listed social companies. Our strategy is certified by a French label.

A highly selective and ethical ESG approach: The social block is combined with “core” investments in a selection of ESG leaders companies in their sectors and excludes controversial activities such as those related to weaponry, coal, tobacco, etc.

An innovative sharing concept: In addition to the classical capitalization shares, our funds propose sharing shares allowing the investors to donate a part of their annual revenues to the organization of their choice.

  • Environmental strategy

- An approach to support the efforts of developing countries in responding to the challenge of climate change. The Paris agreement has made climate action a global commitment to keep global temperature increases well below 2°C above pre-industrial levels.

- A strategy positioned to capture long-term sustainable economic trends, primarily through equities and to invest in future growth drivers (Energy efficiency, water management, disruption, companies with low CO2 emissions and green tech companies).

A strategy aligned with several UN SDG’s, and with strong commitment regarding low carbon emission investments.

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